Breadfruit Festival

The breadfruit was first brought to the West Indies during slavery as a cheap food source for the enslaved. Many trees were planted and it quickly became a staple crop even after emancipation. St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is now home to over 25 different varieties of breadfruit and the fruit even comprises part of the national dish-roasted breadfruit and fried Jack fish.

The Breadfruit Festival is an annual event that compliments the ‘Emancipation Month’ activities because of its historical significance. Throughout August it takes place in various communities in the North Leeward part of St. Vincent. A variety of dishes made from breadfruit are sold and accompanied by cultural activities including various food fair presentations in different parts of the island. There are also mini exhibitions which explain the potential uses of the plant, from lumber and function as toys, to medicinal use.

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