Digicel SVG Gospel Fest 2023

Schedule of Events:

"A Glorious Celebration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

Sunday 2nd April - Official Opening of Festival - 6pm "An Evening of Glorious Praise", Russell's Auditorium

Friday 7th April - Denominational Concert - 6pm, Open Bible Standard Churches, Russell's Auditorium

Saturday 8th April - Denominational Concert - 7pm, Church of God Worldwide Mission Pentecostal Churches, Russell's Auditorium

Sunday 9th April - Denominational Concert - 6pm, Seventh Day Adventist Churches, Russell's Auditorium

Friday 14th April - Symphonies of Praise - 8pm, Russell's Auditorium

Saturday 15th April - Sing A New Song Competition - 7pm, Russell's Auditorium

Sunday 16th April - Denominational Concert - 6pm, Evangelical Church of the West Indies Churches, Russell's Auditorium

Friday 21st April - SVGTCCU Dance Praise - 8pm, Russell's Auditorium

Saturday 22nd  April - Valupak Drama Praise - 7pm, Russell's Auditorium

Sunday 23rd  April - GECCU LTD. Youth Praise - 8pm, Russell's Auditorium

Friday 28th April - Korean Divine Designs SVG Bible Fest - 8pm, "Its All About God" - 100 Questions on God, Faith Temple Church

Sunday 30th April - Digicel National Gospel Showcase - 6pm, Victoria Park